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Messenger Bot

Chatbots create an active user experience, unlike apps and websites…and help you create an interactive marketing campaign


Easily create a Facebook Messenger bot for marketing, sales, and support...without ANY coding or designing skills. Boost engagement on your website, respond and assist visitors (without even being there in-person) and consistently turn cold prospects into recurring paying customers.


With SociCake, create unlimited bots and automation for unlimited pages with automatic conversation flows. You can use these flows to deliver value, drive traffic, convert contacts into leads, and make sales.

Messenger Broadcaster

Broadcast messages are the most powerful marketing tool today. Now blast promotional and follow up messages to those that have engaged with your page. Send unlimited broadcasts to subscribers across your pages and multiple Facebook accounts from a single easy-to-use dashboard in minutes.


No coding skills required. Just choose a subset of people who’ve messaged you and hit them with a text blast, an image, and even select a call to action like a button to redirect them to your offers or customer support.


With an average of 90%, open rates, and 4 to 10 times higher CTRs compared to email...
Messenger is the #1 app in the US and Canada with over 1 billion active users.

Comment Bot

Here’s a virtual assistant to manage your page 24/7… Now set up an automated response (public and private reply) to everyone who comments on your Facebook posts based on keywords and phrases.


Skyrocket lead generation, sales, and profits by engaging your audience in this innovative way. Create a post and at the end ask a question to which there can be only a limited number of replies. Add those replies as ‘keywords’ and bam…


Hit people who leave comments on your posts with Broadcast Messages and drive them to your offers or website…Turn your posts into a traffic sucking ad without paying a penny for it.

This is perfect for Facebook Advertisers who want maximum engagements, E-Commerce Sellers looking to boost sales, Brands trying to build recognition, Product Vendors trying to provide better support, Facebook Fan Page Owners seeking to grow your page and Content Creators who want to build their audience base.

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